wtorek, 24 grudnia 2013

merry xmas!

wish you all very merry christmas!

spokojnych, szczęśliwych, spędzonych w rodzinnym gronie świąt dla Was wszystkich.

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wtorek, 17 grudnia 2013

christmas tree

have you thought about your christmas tree yet? how is it going to look like? what will you put on the top? what colour will dominate? mine will be simple and natural, with mostly diy decorations which are red, white and gold (mostly). the final effect you will be able to see on 23rd or 24th, depends on how much longer I would wait :)

also, I made christmas wreath thanks to my friend P. and my mom who have send me all the things you need to make such a beauty. it's a great diy if you wish to know how just let me know :)

wish you a lot of joy with decorating your tree!
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poniedziałek, 16 grudnia 2013

Wroclaw's christmas market

dears! have you already been at Wroclaw's Christmas market? yes? then you know how beautiful it is this year. no? so... what are you waiting for? ;)

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wtorek, 10 grudnia 2013

christmas is coming!

how wonderful that it is 10th of December already. I adore Christmas time, the feeling of warmth that is spreading all over the world. all those beautiful pics that people post on fb or pinterest just make me want to decorate my christmas tree already! but we will last till 24th with that, and for now other treats are awaiting to be set around the home :)

have you made gingerbread cookies already? with my friends we spend whole evening and part of the night to prepare the dough (which btw was kind of helpless, but we saved it but adding... almost 1,5 kilos of flour more than in recipe...), to cut the cookies and decorate then, but it was such a fun I could do it every weekend :)

and on balcony... ;)


happy Christmas preparation!

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środa, 6 listopada 2013

with love

I promised myself not to write about my 9 months adventure with hospitals, doctors and almost every week blood testing ;) and I will keep it (or at least try) but I have the real need to share with you the feeling I got after yesterday's doctor appointment.

I was never a type of person who is in love with kids or newborns and keeps smiling every time a kid is passing by... but pregnancy is such a wonderful time for parents and it changes everything. you have a chance to watch your child grow even when it is not yet in your arms. when you see on usg that your sweet love have probably your mouth or partner's nose, or simply wave a hand... it's pure love. worth everything women must go through during this time.

and no, it's not a pregnancy commercial :P

best for you all!

happy mom-to-be :)

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wtorek, 29 października 2013


I was an au pair once. I lived half an hour from new york, made a lot of photos and drank probably all of the coffee kinds available on the street-coffee market. I missed my pals much but I had pretty easy life there with new-met people. now, when I am carrying my child, moving out/in to the new apartment and kind of being isolated from the family/work/social situations I am breathing in moments like that - easy, just coffee, muffin and free of the worries moments.
enjoy the first shot from my home.

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wtorek, 22 października 2013


autumn is so special time of the year for me - I wait for those chilly days after the hot and humid summer. this year it was quite good for us, we were sick only once so far, we made lots of pumpkin cooking and baking (home pumpkin spice latte was delicious!), me and my belly keep growing and my husband keeps being busy preparing our new, own home for us. so far so good :)

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czwartek, 19 września 2013


Ahoy there! Sorry for my absence for quite a long time... My pregnancy keeps me busy and in bed (unfortunately) so those rare occasions I can be with my notebook are now even more limited. Hopefully it will get better and I would upload some of the sessions I have in mind to take. Today, I may present you photos from special day for some 5 months old boy ;)

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