piątek, 27 czerwca 2014


great feelings about motherhood took me by surprise. don't get me wrong - I adore my child, it's just that I never have thought it will be such fun & pleasure to rise a kid. it is because of that I am not so often here, more than "not so often", I am barely here lately. that absolutely doesn't mean I have nothing to write about! tones of things come to my mind, like my son (of course), his first teeth (today!), my wedding, my brand new apartment with stuff made by my husband, cooking, shopping, looking for perfect pushchair and finally preparing for the first done by me photography workshop thanks to girls from Mini Man Life, Mama-Granda and Blaneczkowo (I promise I will hand you the summary as fast as Antoni will let me :D)... really, lots of stuff. so basically I am kind of the happy person with almost every big thing I wanted. but there is still this one, tiny spot for you, readers and viewers (yeah, I know most of you don't even read what I say here :P) and my photos, my passion. it is in a developing stage, but because of all those rapid changes it is not satisfactory. I will not rush things though, it will come. as for now, some pics of my treasured moments. enjoy (as always :D)

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