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aubergine & apple pasta

I am not a great cook. I can bake, but cooking at our home is reserved for my husband. he loves it, I love it, we're great. but sometimes I like to experiment and with baking it's not such a great idea to do so.

this is how this pasta came into being - I wanted something with touch of Greek style, something light and with fruit. it's incredibly easy to make and tastes like a salad with pasta. I couldn't control myself and ate it with spoon, a total faux pas, I know, but mhh, you have to try it that way :)

OK, here's what you need for about 3 portion (or 2 if you're really hungry)

120g your favourite pasta (I used Italian, gnocchi style)
1 aubergine
3/4 apple
4 halves of dried tomatoes
50g of greek style cheese
1 big (or two small) chicken breasts
3 table spoons of oil from dried tomatoes
150ml water

how to make it:

1. prepare the chicken, cut it into small squares, put into bowl, add oil from dried tomatoes, salt and pepper. mix it.
2. put the water for pasta into heat.
3. cut the apple, aubergine and tomatoes into small pieces. 
4. put the pan into heat, when ready fry the chicken for about 1,5min each side.
5. add apple & fry for about 2 min each side.
6. add aubergine, fry for about 5 min together then add water and stew for about 10 minutes.
7. boil the pasta.
8. after 10min make sure all water evaporates so you can fry it for another 1 min.
9. put boiled pasta into the pan and mix gently with veggies.
10. add cheese and enjoy! :)

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